The Most Innovative Birthday in the Digital World

IT Services Hungary, one of the country’s largest ICT companies, is celebrating its 10-year anniversary this year. For this occasion, instead of reminiscing about the past, we intend to look to the future and focus on the upcoming decades and the challenges of the future. We’ve been providing digital solutions to our clients for 10 years; now we hope to find similar digital solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.

Rewriting the Future

In 2015, world leaders agreed on 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development. We’ll choose one of those goals and with the help of 10 innovators we try to come up with a solution to one of the adjoining challenges. The young visionaries will meet in Budapest to generate ideas in the course of a three-day Innovation Boot Camp, from 7 to 9 November. The solution they propose will be executed by ICT professionals at IT Services Hungary, and the finished prototype will be delivered to the Secretary General of the United Nations in New York.


4 November 2016, 12:00 AM
Application deadline
Innovation Boot Camp
7-9 November 2016
11 November 2016
Presentation of ideas
Presentation of the prototype to the UN
In the near future

The Innovators

  • Réka


    Media Designer, Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design more
  • Tamás


    Electrical and Biomedical Engineer, inventor of HandInScan more
  • Róbert


    Developer & CEO, Duelbox & erInnovations more
  • József


    Materials Engineer, Developer of FUTI/Platio more
  • Jason


    Global Executive Creative Director, Serviceplan Group more
  • Sakthy


    Engineer & PhD Researcher, University of Cambridge more
  • Dave


    Industrial Designer, inventor of Phonebloks more
  • Kees


    Creative Technologist, Achtung! more
  • Jasper


    Communications Consultant, Efficiency Evangelist, The Sundance Consortium more
  • Julie


    Entrepreneur, Adventurer, Activist more

your place

Join the team!

If you’d like to brainstorm together with the young innovators, you can apply to be a member of the team. Choose one of the 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development and outline your solution in 500 characters. If your idea is convincing, you may be chosen to participate in the Innovation Boot Camp in Budapest from November 5 to 8, 2016.

Please keep in mind when applying that the official language of the Innovation Boot Camp is English!

Win Tickets to the


Want to rub shoulders with the innovators? Even if you haven’t been chosen to be a member of the team, you have a chance to do so. We’ll be giving away 50 tickets to the Meet&Greet, an exclusive reception following the Innovation Boot Camp. Don’t forget to indicate in your application if you choose this option!

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If the ITSH10 professional team decides that you sent the best application, you could be the lucky one to be the 11th team member, who joins the innovators to participate in the three-day workshop rewriting the future.

If you’re not chosen, do not lose heart, because one of the 50 Meet&Greet tickets can still be yours!

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